What is Zoom SSO and How to use that?

If you own or manage a company, or if you are a professional, in this pandemic situation remote working and video conferencing is the part of your official life. So, like Facebook or Watsapp, Zoom is now the part of your life and the user name on Zoom is the part of your identity.

But not much people know that you can let your employees log into zoom using the company credentials. It is as simple as signing in to the company domain. It is possible through Zoom SSO Login. In this article, I will try to explain What is Zoom SSO, How does Zoom SSO Sign in work, Why should you use Zoom SSO for your business?, What do you need to use Zoom SSO and finally How to use Zoom SSO. 

What is Zoom SSO?

While we are trying to sign in to zoom, there are four options available. Option to sign in with an email address or a Google account or a Facebook account or SSO. As the first three options are easier and easily available to us, we usually choose that. But signing in to Zoom using the fourth option is useful for large organizations and businesses. After SSO enabled, employees of your company can sign into Zoom with the company credentials. The main advantage of that is if an employee wants to get connected to the meeting, they dont need to register as a new user. They only need a URL approved by the company and will be able to log in to zoom without any time killing authentication methods. 

How does Zoom SSO Sign in work

Zoom SSO is based on SAML 2.0. It supports logging in using a number of enterprise identity management platforms Okta, Gluu, OneLogin, Centrify, PingOne, Shibboleth, Microsoft Active Directory etc. When a user opts SSO login, they will be directed to the SSO provider’s site. In the site, they have to give the company credentials. While the right credential is used, the employees of the company will be directed through the same SSO and then will be logged in to zoom by their company IDs. After that, Zoom will recognize you by default as the individual of your company and will log in using company ID automatically.

Why should you use Zoom SSO for your business?

While using SSO, it will be easy for all the employees in the company to authenticate using company credentials which same as the company’s portal. For video callings and meetings, it is not needed to create separate login information and the employees can use single sign-in information all across the organization.

What do you need to use Zoom SSO?

While using Zoom SSO, you need to ensure a few things.

  • The account that we are using should be a Zoom Education or Zoom Business account
  • You must have an approved custom URL for your company
  • You must be using a custom domain like @yourcompany.com

How to use Zoom SSO

Step 1. Ensure that your company has an approved vanity URL before asking your company officials to log in zoom using SSO, 

Step 2. configure your Zoom account with an SSO service of your choice and Zoom currently supports up to 7 SSO providers such as G Suite or Google Apps, Microsoft Azure, ADFS, OneLogin, Okta, Shibboleth and RSA SecurID Access. (These SSO providers help users log in to the video conferencing service and will help all the employees working at your organization to log in to Zoom using the credentials that they were previously using on the company domain.)

Step 3. After configuring your Zoom account with an SSO service of your choice, enter the company domain inside the text box adjacent to “.zoom.us”. Then tap on the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 4. You will be then redirected to your company’s single sign-on provider. Provide your credentials and wait for Zoom to sign in to your company account.

You can easily proceed to sign in on Zoom directly on your computer or smartphone, once your business or organization has configured single sign-on (SSO) for your Zoom account.

If you wish to sign in to Zoom on the web using SSO, head over to your company’s Zoom vanity URL. To sign in to the Zoom app on your desktop, open the Zoom app and click on the Sign In with SSO button on the screen. You can also sign-in with your company’s SSO credentials on your phone by opening the Zoom app on your phone and clicking on the ‘SSO’ option inside the ‘Sign In’ screen.

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